Our Mission

At Ticket Associates, we believe in clear, trustworthy communication and strive to make ticketing for sports events straightforward and accessible. Our mission is to help fans in select cities nationwide attend sports events easily and affordably.


We're dedicated to connecting ticket brokers and individuals in a mutually beneficial way. By overcoming local ticket sale restrictions from sports teams, we not only simplify the ticket purchasing process but also enhance the live sports experience.


Integrity is at the heart of our approach. We understand you may have questions about our services, which is why we're committed to providing clear and reassuring answers. It's important to note that we will never ask you to purchase anything, nor will we ever request your credit card or any form of payment. Our USA-based team ensures a smooth, trustworthy experience for everyone.


Our aim is to maintain our trusted position in the ticketing industry by offering fair compensation and genuine opportunities. More than just a service provider, we aspire to be a reliable partner in the world of sports, fostering a community of enthusiastic fans who share our passion

How it works

It's simple and easy

Application and Communication:

Start your journey with Ticket Associates by completing the application below. Soon after you apply, a Ticket Associates Representative based in the USA will reach out to you directly. This initial contact is a key part of the process. Our representative will thoroughly walk you through each step, ensuring you understand the role and the process. Importantly, we handle all communication between you and the ticket broker, so you only need to coordinate with us. This streamlined approach ensures clarity and simplicity for you, as we aim to make your experience as smooth and straightforward as possible.

City-Specific Scheduling and Meeting:

Once your application is processed, the next steps vary depending on the city you're applying from. If you're in a city where we currently have opportunities, you will be scheduled for a phone call or, in some cases, a visit to the local arena to meet with a team representative. During this meeting or call, you'll inquire about ticket options and further understand the specifics of the ticket purchasing process. This step is tailored to provide you with all the necessary information and requirements specific to your location, ensuring a smooth experience.

Compensation and Referral Opportunities:

When our partnering ticket broker successfully purchases tickets with your assistance, we'll pay you $200 for your effective work. This is a one-time task, but it can open the door to more opportunities and referrals. By connecting people to Ticket Associates, you're not just earning; you're also becoming a valuable part of our growing network. It's a great opportunity to earn and be part of a professional team


Frequently Asked Questions


My wife and I found ourselves without employment during the Covid pandemic, and discovering Ticket Associates was a stroke of luck for us. Not only did we earn $200 by assisting a broker with ticket purchases, but we've also successfully referred 20 individuals so far. This opportunity has become a valuable and consistent source of additional income for us.

John & Lisa

Making $200 has never been easier for me. It took just one phone call, lasting about 30 minutes, to assist in purchasing tickets for the Atlanta Hawks. I was astonished to receive payment for four hours of work within minutes of job completion. It was quick, simple, and incredibly rewarding.


Before Ticket Associates, I searched for tickets on sites like Stub Hub and Vivid Seats. It was so difficult trying to get the tickets I wanted for the price point I needed. Then I switched over and started doing business with these guys! I saved hundreds and conserved some “me time.” I no longer needed to search over and over again to see if I could find a discount - discounted tickets were right there with Ticket Associates concierge service! Saving hundreds of dollars really helped me enjoy a little bit more of life - and a few more games!


My husband is a lifelong Yankees fan and thanks to Ticket Associates, I was able to get free tickets for us to 2 games! Not only that I even got paid to allow a ticket broker to buy tickets! It was the easiest process I've ever been through. I've already referred 5 friends to Ticket Associates and I got paid for that too!



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